Our productes are developed to be able to achieve the highest quality while adjusting your interior to maximum acoustic comfort.
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MICRO OFFICE is an alternative to conventional conference rooms for calls and meetings. It is a freestanding micro-office that can be placed virtually anywhere in your interior and does not require any construction or alterations.
MICRO OFFICE also stands out with functional interior equipment, including an integrated air-handling unit, LED lighting, power socket, shelf and chair. MICRO OFFICE offers greater privacy for you and your colleagues in the office. 

More information about MICRO OFFICE can be found at MICRO OFFICE website.

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MICRO OFFICE DOUBLE is an acoustic solution for your one on one meeting. It brings you privacy and focus on your work as well as helps your colleagues to work undisturbed. It is an ideal product for open-space offices.

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Acoustic Seating

Acoustic seating is almost fully covered to give you maximum privacy whenever needed. It can serve as an informal meeting place. Two MYSPOT seats facing each other offer almost the same acoustic benefit as a conference room.

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Mountable Phone Box

Whenever you need to make a phone call in the office and do not want to be disturbed, Wall Booth is the right solution for you. It is a hanging or a freestanding enclosed space designed specifically for handling calls. Our Wall Booth facility can also contain integrated lighting.

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Acoustic Poufs

Acoustic poufs MOVE are practical accessory which will liven up your office design. Acoustic poufs improve the acoustics of the space due to the material they are made of, which absorbs sound and reduces noise. The more poufs you put into your space, the better the noise reduction.

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Wall Coverings

STILL wall coverings absorb the noise on several frequency spectra closely matching human speech, thereby reducing noise and improving communication in your office. At the same time, the wide range of colors and high-quality fabrics available will brighten up your office visually.

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Ceiling Covering

ABSO ceiling coverings hang from cords and create an effective acoustic ceiling in your office. Distributing the coverings evenly across the entire ceiling creates an excellent absorbing effect. We can also place ABSO coverings above a specific spot for more effective absorption of sound, whether in a work or break area.

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Desktop Screens

Desktop dividers MYSPACE are suitable for separating working spaces, not only in open space offices. The key material in our dividers is acoustic foam based on melamine, which was developed specifically for noise absorption. We can customize the dimensions and design of MYSPACE dividers to fit your desktop. Moreover, thanks to high-quality fabric, MYSPACE can also be used as notice boards.

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Freestanding Dividers

Do you need to separate your break area or copy point from the rest of the office? SHADE dividers not only act as acoustic barriers, but they also provide excellent absorption of undesired noise thanks to our melamine-based acoustic foam. Freestanding dividers are easy to move around and come in various designs.

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FLEXI blinds are rotating acoustic blinds you can use to determine the level of privacy and brightness in your office. They have excellent acoustic properties and also functions as an adjustable, portable and highly original part of your d├ęcor.

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Hanging Dividers

MUTE hanging dividers are a unique way of reducing noise and visually dividing desired areas without the need for construction work. In large areas MUTE dividers also help reduce echoes.

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